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Rosewood furniture, red lanterns, and porcelain chairs; these decorations inject ancient Chinese elements into the garden.

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The Sea Viewing Pavilion was constructed at the east end of the park.

Pearl Lake is in the west of Chongming Island, ranking as the largest natural inland lake in this region, has a surface area of 4.3 square kilometers (1.7 square miles).

There is a bridge with flowers grown on the deck, leading visitors to the lake. Walking down the woodland path, you will experience intimate contact with nature by hearing birds and insects singing, and watching butterflies dancing around you.

Numerous visitors will go there to watch the beautiful sunrise.

The birds' migration route in Asia-Pacific region will pass Dongtan Park from November to March.Leaning against the Gold Turtle Mountain, Shou'an Temple has been a prosperous temple since the Song Dynasty (960 – 1279).