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…I don't even smoke cigarettes for roles anymore -- I use herbal stuff -- and after 20 hits on this 'blunt,' I f***ing puked." Adding of his character, "Alien is what happens if we get all our wishes: unrestrained consumerism, ego, id, sex..." co-star Mila Kunis added, "We were at the end of a 17-hour day on Oz doing this carriage scene, with real horses. We came around for a take, everybody saw, and they just kept the cameras rolling." RELATED PICS: Posters5.

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And that gave me a feeling of enormous permission."strip-club scene. ,” directed by John Hamburg and written by Hamburg, Ian Helfer and Jonah Hill, Stanford University senior Stephanie (Zoey Deutch) invites her tight-knit Michigan family to spend Christmas with her boyfriend, Laird (James Franco).” is probably the best sendup of contemporary California tech culture to date., opening up about how they attended Franco's acting classes at the Studio 4 film school where they claim to have both encountered experiences of sexual harassment. Tither-Kaplan said she was in Franco's master class on sex scenes.

She said he'd add sex scenes and nude scenes to the original scripts that "seemed gratuitous and exploitative."In fact, she claims that the women who refused to partake in the sex scenes or nude scenes were either asked to leave the class or weren't included on the projects.

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