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CSD is an inflection of Deleuze-Guattarian ideas on thinking.To “inflect” is not to copy or trace some thing, but to adapt it according to the characteristics of the space in which the adaptation takes place [3].It is where billions of people find news, current affairs, sports and more. We read quickly and at a distance, because of speed, pressure of time and more content, all displayed on tiny screens.How else could we read when we read all the time rather than at a certain time for a certain length of time; when we read in-between everything else we are doing; and when there is always more to read, another link to click, another thread to follow?

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Contents Introduction Part 1: Facebook Part 2: Conceptual Speed Dating Part 3: Close Reading using Facebook Tools for jimmying experience Introduction There is a minor practice, used regularly by a group of artists, academics and writers, called Conceptual Speed Dating (CSD).

The average user sees about 100 stories per day (pieces of content) in their News Feed (Kolowich, 2016).