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He’s meeting lots of women and getting lots of dates and not many of them are working out.He’s wasting valuable time and calling out a woman for doing something which is really not that bad at all when and if you understand ALL the reasons why a women will flake on a guy.Choppers, chopping tools (or bifacial choppers perhaps is a better term as suggested by Armand (1), and spall tools are related parts of a broad flaked stone industry, and although they grade into one another they should be viewed as three distinct tool types.Experimentation (by Dodd (2) and by the author on a limited scale) and ethnographic analogy suggested that such sharp edged tools as choppers and chopping tools were not efficient for food processing (either plant or animal substances) and rather were for a variety of heavy duty tasks.He set up a pattern of negativity, disappointment, anger, revenge, and then hits the NEXT button; all amounting to him not getting to know lots of women better and wasting valuable time and effort just because he feels justified in testing women back.Might I add in a way which is not a true test of character.

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This is what David would say to women while setting up a date: Taken directly from Advanced Dating Techniques on workbook page 58.It can also mean getting her number and when you try to get in touch with her, she ignores it and doesn’t get back to you ever again. Nothing can piss you off more than going through all the work of meeting a woman, capturing her interest, getting the number, and then asking for a date ONLY to be “blown off” and have her flake out – or in the worst case scenario – not answer her phone or text message when you try for the first time.

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