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There is something surprising in Oxford being chosen as the printing-place of a book to persuade mothers to nurse their own children (62:, Clinton) ; and an episcopal alchemist is not often to be met with in real lire (16 2 , Thorn- borough). I t is lcss to be wondered at that a college which had leased land to Queen Elizabeth for a quiet rive thousand years, should try to be relieved of its agreement within fifty (623, Oxford). A few references will be found in the earlier pages to years beyond 64o, made before it was decided to close the work at that year. The heading usually presents the author's name in the form by which he is generally known to posterity, as "James ii, king," although at the time of the book referred to he was prince James. ci :) bc )LL." PHILOS D IV)N& .\.x oxl-Oll-» TITLE-PA(; E. IOGRAPIIY OF I'RINTING AND I'UI; IISItl NG AT 0XFI)RI ' 1468 '--164O Il ITII NO TES, APPENDLYES AND ILI. 5)- The most of classical work are well represented, and side an increasing study of English literature. )rinrcd b.)" Leon: L ichfielcl rinter fo th¢ [rniver fi':f0r OEob: Yome'. E d: Fo r reft. Theology is predominant, animated on its con- troversial side with tierce opposition to the Church of Rome, but the quieter fields by side is seen lighter books (6o 3, no. (I) title, within double lines: (3-4)dedication to Philip earl of See Wood's Ath. This book appears to be rare, and was rcprinted  3. John Smith's Map of Virginia (6_), Burton's Anatomy of Melancholy (I6_. PAGE • V API'ENDIX A--The Fifteenth Century Press (a detailed account of books, type, copies known, &c.) ........... APPENDIX CA chronological list of persons and proceedings connected with book-production at Oxford, A. NDIX D---Documents (Statute, 1373--Charters, 632, 163 letcher, p.

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Iam merit3, b  relhee [orbeare: English Roman & Italic.

There are traces of the study of Spanish, French and \Velsh, as well as of Latin and Greek ; and an attempt to introduce phonetic writing and spelling was made by Charles Butler in I633 and I6.3 4.

Even theological disputes are lightened by the solemn account of certain J esuits in the East, who dressed up a carcase as that of a queen recently deceased, obtained much glory from the miracles it wrought, until the real corpse arrived and the priests vacated the vicinity (633 , Gregorius).

Lacoxs3o: Ad Illustriss: Excellentiss: ] Ducem A rscholanum.

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The editor (and printer) mentions the Suada Attica as "nuper excusa ": see below.

The Fifteenth early Sixteenth Century presses  are necessarily of interest, work was undertaken early in 889, and is an of thc glories in this and and when printing became firmly established in ]585 ît began to reflect faithfully the current tendencies of thought and study in the University.