Filemaker server guide to updating plugins

31-Mar-2019 00:56

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However, a worker machine can handle Custom Web Publishing requests from users because it provides routing services.

For best results when hosting solutions that use Custom Web Publishing with PHP, put all the PHP webpage files in the appropriate File Maker hosting folders (htdocs) on the master machine and on all worker machines. You can deploy File Maker Server on one machine in two ways: Database Server only or Database Server and Web Publishing Engine.

Other processor-intensive software or heavy network traffic on the same machine will cause File Maker Server to run more slowly and degrade the performance for File Maker clients.

To improve performance: In many environments, a single-machine deployment provides sufficient performance for hosting File Maker Web Direct solutions.

For best performance, run File Maker Server on a dedicated machine reserved for use as a database server.

When File Maker Server is hosting many clients or a large number of databases, it uses a high level of processor, hard disk, and network capacity.

Important: To enhance the security of your database solution, especially when it is available on the Internet, use a firewall with your File Maker Server deployment. For information on installing File Maker Server in a single-machine configuration, see Installation quick start (single-machine deployment).

When you install File Maker Server on one machine, web publishing is disabled by default.

When a worker machine receives File Maker Data API and Custom Web Publishing requests, they are proxied through the worker machine to the master machine. Port 2399 must be open to support ODBC and JDBC clients.

For additional information about supported clients and licensing requirements, see the File Maker Server system requirements.

File Maker Server uses a license certificate to set the license key. Keep a copy of the license certificate in a safe place in case the software needs to be reinstalled.

Install the File Maker Server software first on the master machine and then on the worker machines.

Then use the Deployment assistant on the worker machine to configure the SSL certificate and to connect to a master machine.Without web publishing, you can serve File Maker Pro Advanced, File Maker Go, File Maker Data API, and ODBC and JDBC clients but not File Maker Web Direct or Custom Web Publishing clients.