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The value of these highly collectible antiques varies greatly depending on a number of different variables including: There are a great many pieces of milk glass that do not have makers' marks or have lost their original labels which were attached with glue, making it difficult to identify the age and manufacturer of the piece.

Several helpful clues to use when trying to identify, evaluate and value a piece of milk glass are its: There are many antique reproductions and replications of antique and vintage milk glass pieces. Some are made using original molds, and are perfectly beautiful replicas of the originals.

Please be aware that in order to gain the maximum information about any particular bottle (e.g., dating, typing) the user must usually must review a number of pages within this website.

Unfortunately, the complexities of precisely dating bottles is beyond the scope of any simple key.

Throughout the following centuries archeologists and historians have dated milk glass: Naturally, milk glass pieces from these very early times are not those collected by the average glass collector.

The popularity of the milk glass continued to grow, both in the colonies and throughout Europe.

Pontiled base fragments could also be from later produced "specialty" bottles which are described below.5.

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Some technological changes were expensive and not adopted by glass makers until it became an "adapt or perish" issue and many glass factories just perished.

This bottle dating "key" is a relatively simple "first cut" on the dating of a bottle.