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06-Jul-2019 00:22

Virtual Desktops are integrated directly into Windows 10 to provide a native virtual desktop experience as offered by many other OSs and tools like Linux and Mac OS X.It can be used to group or arrange apps to ease app management and improve productivity.Corner Snap lets users create powerful layouts of three or four windows by snapping them to the corners.Snap Fill optimize the size of second window to automatically fill up the available empty space.These features allows you to effortlessly position windows the way you want them on the desktop.Whenever you put one window to half-side of the screen, Snap Assist shows the list of active windows to choose as the second window for the other half of the screen.

It’s based on a brand-new rendering engine that improves performance and brings distinctive sharing functionality.

Summary: Windows 10 gives new life to Windows – it’s a truly-modern operating system that caters to the needs of users together with being better accessible across various devices. It’s idealized from the success story of performance-giving Windows 7 and the failures of modern-looking Windows 8, and promises to provide the best of both worlds. The biggest change is its release as a Software-as-a-Service rather than a stand-alone software like the previous versions. Yes, Microsoft is offering a free preview copy of Windows 10 to anyone ready to test the new operating system under the Windows Insider Program. That’s why, we’ve made a compilation of 11 facts about Windows 10 to help you know what to expect from the forthcoming version of Windows.