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Feel free to contact me with any testimonies, and I may feature your story in a blog post! ESL Lesson Game: Greetings and Introductions Get students out of their seats with this great game for the first day of an ESL class. ESL Lesson Game: Trouble on the Train Practice greetings and small talk with this interactive group game. ESL Group Activity: The Dating Game Outrageously fun group game for beginner to intermediate ESL students 4.

ESL Classroom Game: The Price is Right Based on the popular game show, this ESL game will help students practice using numbers and discussing products. ESL Lesson Plan Game: Secret Vocabulary A fun way for beginner through advanced students to review vocabulary 6.

Below the team number (you could also use team names, which students seem to find fun), you write the lot which was purchased and the amount it was purchased for.

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Lesson Plan: Fun with Verb Tenses This interactive and fast-paced group game will help students review simple and perfect tenses.

I’ve started with Integrated Lessons and Group Games, as these have been consistently some of my most popular activities with ESL students and teacher trainees who have used the games in their own classes.