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For example a Palaeo-Eskimo bilobate house." in form and was probably covered with skin stretched over a framework of wood or perhaps walrus ribs.These houses had a pavement of flat stones and a A place where a fire was maintained inside a Palaeo-Eskimo mid-passage house (i.e., a house with an entry in the middle and a clearly defined 'passage' separate from the sleeping area of the house)." constructed of upright slabs of stone set in the ground.After a few centuries, however, we see the appearance of Late Palaeo-Eskimos, a people often referred to as the Dorset in the archaeological literature.Dorset culture may have originated in the Foxe Basin area between the mouth of Hudson Bay and Baffin Island, and it was much more elaborate than Early Palaeo-Eskimo culture.A device like this could mean a much higher success rate in taking animals, and hence a more dependable food supply, and thus perhaps a larger human population.Around 3000 BP there is evidence of a rapid population growth in Newfoundland and Labrador, due to the emergence of a new culture which archaeologists call the "Groswater", named after Groswater Bay on the coast of central Labrador.Years of burial have given these intriguing ivory and bone pieces a deep rich color.

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One such structure was A structure with two somewhat circular areas or sections.Only now are these ancient ivory and bone pieces being unearthed, excavated by the direct descendants of the older times Yupiks that worked it, leaving this treasure that became buried as a blessing for their great great grandchildren.

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