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19-Mar-2019 18:57

until they guzzle all the vodka, puke, and pass out.

People who are very into being responsible will often find relationships with ENFPs to be incredibly infuriating.

Of the 16 different personalities out there, the ENFP personality type might be one of the most heavily misunderstood.

Show less If there's one thing that's really become popular lately, it's the Myers-Briggs personality type studies circulating the net.

By definition, an ENFP relationship tends to be extremely loving.

This, in turn, tends to seriously hurt ENFPs and in many situations, ENFPs will struggle to leave abusive relationships because they tend to feel so deeply.

If an ENFP doesn't have their shit together, it's very possible their partner will turn into more of a parent figure than a lover.

Believe it or not, a lot of ENFP breakups ensue because their partners stop being partners and start sliding into that "caregiver" role. If you're in a relationship with an ENFP, make a point to watch out for this.

ENFPs are one of the most extroverted personality types out there, and that means they gain their energy from hanging out with people.

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They are major fans of the adage, "the more, the merrier" and can be downright gregarious when they cut loose.

If you are an ENFP, please wise up about your maturity level; your relationship depends on it. They are seductive, creative, and very passionate lovers who do whatever they can to make sure their partners are happy.

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