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It’s like nerd fantasy, which is just awesome for me.Then, the last one is train world, which we don’t really know much about yet, but we are filming in two weeks.This is a really woman centric movie with five great lead actresses in it.So I honesty l can’t tell you anything about it because I have no idea what I’m doing.Wouldn’t it be hilarious if all of the girls walked out on stage and said “I walked out last night dressed like Princess Lea” or something.Were you surprised that Zack was able to get women the way he did or is that something that you think comes natural to him?The Sucker Punch director told Mail Online: ‘We are really excited about Amy and I am excited about the message is sends.It took a little while to cast her and we had to fly Henry over to see how they looked together but it’s great.’ Upcoming projects: Oscar Issac and Abbie Cornish are working together again on Madonna's film W.

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Robin Thicke (left) and his brother Brennan (with dad Alan) filed legal papers in their father’s probate case in May to stop what they alleged was an attempt by their step-mother to get more than was granted to her in the prenuptial agreement she signed 12-years ago with Alan Under the terms of her prenup, Tanya was set to receive 0,000 from a life insurance policy, 25% of her husband’s personal effects, all of the furniture at the ranch, all death benefits from Alan’s pensions and multiple union memberships, and 40% of the estate after certain bequests were handled.

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