Elliv island dating game walkthrough

25-May-2019 03:33

Look up: Festival days sim date, idol days sim date, chrono days sim date, kingdom days sim date, and wonderland days sim date.

I've been playing them for months and still love them!

Your Sim can become a mermaid in The Sims 3 Island Paradise.

To do this, your Sim must eat mermaidic kelp which can be gotten by buying the Mermadic Kelp lifetime reward for 25000 lifetime happiness points or befriending a mermaid and convincing he or she to give you some kelp to eat.

No offence to people who couldn't do it, but I finished it in 3 minutes.

Just keep speaking to them click date speak until 100 percent and then kiss and then exit then she'll say she loves you bla bla bla.

i have a cheat code it gets you lotts of money it is hikarunogo whathow the heck do you maneuver his work?? i think you have to get all the statistics to a certain point.

but nobody's playing this anymore, so whatever :):welcome: Hi, Game Name: Elliv Island Game Description: You Have 100 Days On Elliv Island To Find And Date The Perfect Girl Of Your Dreams.

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URL: for more games from , I've got at least 1 or 2 more this month and maybe 1 more than I may let someone co-sponsor. Attend a Nintendo event to obtain the Aurora Ticket, in order to travel to Birth Island where it resides.

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