Editing and validating xml files

30-Jun-2019 20:29

The 64-bit version is recommended for editing and validating of very large XML files (up to 1GByte).edited the appropiate stg file thus OBJECT_BASE 5803051OBJECT OBJECT_SHARED Models/Airport/174.80798 -41.32667 9.1 0 OBJECT_SHARED Models/Structures/174.801361 -41.30125 166.8377612 0 OBJECT_SHARED Models/Airport/windsock_174.8079063 -41.31730438 3.825988854 0 OBJECT_SHARED Models/Airport/174.8039369 -41.32129656 19.864977 0 OBJECT_SHARED Models/Airport/174.804402 -41.32574708 7.034213815 0 when I ran FG I got WARNING: ssg Load AC: Failed to open ' C:/Program Files/Flight Gear098/data/Models/Airport/hanger.ac' for reading Failed to load 3D model verified format by loading it into IE ok what am I doing wrong?

Using the Professional Edition you will be able to call XML Converter strictly from your own application, with no user interface, allowing you to convert Data Source to XML in batch mode.

For more secure editing, use the Edit Attribute Values Only Mode which prevents the user from inadvertently altering the XML structure.

With Primal XML, you have the option of letting Primal XML automatically format your XML file on opening, or you can open a file in its original format and then optionally request Primal XML to format the document for you. Even use Goto Line Number if you know the approximate location of the item that you are looking for.

To customers in Europe: Rustemsoft issues a pre-sale invoice (a commercial document) for your convenience.

Please send us a message indicating software product, quantity, and we will send you an invoice.

Primal XML allows you to navigate your XML files in several different ways. Primal XML enhances your editing abilities with Primal Sense for XML elements, attributes, attribute values, and special characters codes (e.g., &).

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