Eddie murphy dating toni braxton

11-Sep-2019 18:21

(Before Ratner opened his mouth, homophobic stuff spewed out, and he consigned us all to three mind-numbing hours of boredom.) On wanting to host The Oscars one day “It’s still something that I would like to do one day, because all the best comics have done it,” Eddie told Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson as he promoted his new film, “A Thousand Words,” in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

“It’s one of the few things I haven’t done in my 35 years in this , so I would like to have that be part of my resume as well.” “I thought Billy did a wonderful job.

Billy’s done it so many times, he can’t not do a good job,” Eddie told Shaun.

“He’s really solid at that.” Some critics suggested the — the Grammys and the American Music Awards — all those music shows, they pop. You’ve got 10 songs that are up for Song of the Year, so you should have killer musical performances and so the show should be moving and Brett had all these ideas about it,” Eddie explained. When he finished telling me about it, [I] was like, ‘Yeah! ’ and that’s what I got excited about doing – like a hipper, faster, choppier version of the show.” On if he’s dating Toni Braxton Speaking of his own romantic life, Eddie shot down rumors that he’s dating singer Toni Braxton. I know I’m single and I ‘m just up at the house, playing the guitar and being a single dad,” he told Shaun, before she had a chance to tell him which lady he was being linked with by the press.

His new girlfriend’s, who’s been spotted out in public as of late, name is Paige Butcher.

Initially, folk (*raises hand*) couldn’t figure out who this new blonde bombshell is/was.

“I went to her show, and we’re friends and she’s a very, very sweet girl, but we’re just friends.” with a conscience, and he’s still so skilled at entertaining us.Fast forward to the present day and all seems to be well with Eddie and Paige.