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02-May-2019 17:10

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Though offering to pay isn’t innately offensive, insisting on paying can be taken badly – so tread carefully.

The accurate meaning of ‘going Dutch’ is that both parties pay for their individual shares, rather than equally splitting the bill.

Individuals might feel otherwise – especially during the initial stages of a relationship. While still often lagging behind their male counterparts, women’s earnings have been increasing over the years.

On any given date, it’s quite possible that the woman is a higher earner than the man.

For the sake of a smooth first date however it’s probably best to leave the re-education until later.

The role of man as provider harks back to a more primitive time when males threw spears and females tended the brood.

Does this make it fair that she then foots the bill? However, the tacit expression that the woman earns more could make the more traditional man feel awkward.

Perhaps this is something that the modern male needs to come to accept.

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When asked during a survey in 2017 which dating app singles would consider using if they were to date online, roughly one quarter answered they would consider using Tinder.

As the need to take down cave bears waned, men began to express their ability to provide in other ways.

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