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18-Jun-2019 09:19

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If a guy isn’t willing as least consider exclusivity after a month or two of dating, it’s time to move on and find someone who will.

Spark something new with DTR—the official Tinder podcast, produced in partnership with Gimlet Creative.Scott is an accomplished guy — he’s a Harvard grad and reality tv star.He’s also 34 years old and has never had a boyfriend.I’m not asking for a decision this second, but it would help to know what you’re looking for.” This is a great low-pressure way to find out what he’s thinking in no uncertain terms, and gives you a chance to react accordingly based on his decision.

Now, give him space to express whatever his thoughts are. If he’s into you, he’ll talk about how he only wants to see you and doesn’t want you to see anyone else.

This takes confidence, but it’s crucial you enter with this attitude so that you can be honest and make it clear what you want.