Double your dating sales funnel

24-Apr-2019 02:49

The specific distinction between the front end and the back end is all about the type of customer and the price paid.

If they didn’t have a stable and consistent back end, they could not afford to make a loss on the front end.The site has been up and running for 5 or so years now.Due to health issues I have to make this work, for I can no longer beat the pavements 10 or 12 hour days.I trust you and hope you can help me if you have time.

Now we head into the meaty section of the Sales Funnel, the back end, where the big profits are made.After being on life support and hyperthermia, and a long stay in ACCU I woke up on Easter Sunday. It has been such a struggle with my memory, but am working harder than I have ever worked.