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26-May-2019 21:50

These mistakes are not easily to spot by yourself because when you eagerly want to get your ex back, your mind cannot think logically instead of emotionally.

And chances are your mind has been programmed do not perceive these mistakes as mistakes.

You have just convinced yourself you should forget about her and move on with your life, but you simply can't do it.

You can't control yourself, instead your emotions control you.

And, when is walking by…you freeze and cross your arms. When I was dateless, I couldn’t figure out why finding love was so hard! The problem is that had you asked those around me what I was like, the answers would have been closer to thinking I was insecure, unattractive, closed off, and boring. I first became aware of this in 2010, after studying body language.

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These cues can include smiling, crossing their legs toward the guy, playing with their hair, and leaning into him. Also, it’s because women send out a lot of “red light” cues, such as being quiet, looking away, staring at their phones, having headphones in, not smiling, and freezing when approached. ” And, while we agree this is true, a lot of guys are bad at reading social cues, and many guys are deathly afraid of talking to a random woman.Yes, it can be difficult, but it's even harder if you're making these mistakes.Simply by avoiding these mistakes you can increase your success rate at least to 50%.So, you may think you’re just sitting in the corner at the bar quietly. You may even be staring at your phone just passing the time until someone talks to you, but the people thinking about talking to you think you’re busy (and probably assume you’re talking to a significant other).

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You’re just enjoying your favorite music with your headphones in all day, but those cute guys think it means you don’t want to be bothered.

I was mainly just focused and occasionally zoning out while working at my computer.