Document review and updating K9 cam show

04-May-2019 23:27

It’s especially useful if I’m working on several documents at once, and really helps on projects where I am storing work-in-progress on a shared drive.

Marking up changes is a common technique to show your audience what has changed in a document.

One of the challenges of agile is to see just how little documentation you can get away with and still deliver working, maintainable software.

There is much talk of index cards and whiteboards, and of the code being the documentation.

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When I am ready to share/issue the document, I remove the “WIP” suffix (and also add details of the version to the version history section within the document).

If I am creating a document that I know I will share with others, but it’s not a document that will be going through any formal approval process, I tend to give it a simple numerical version number (v1, v2, v3 etc.).