Do hindus believe in interracial dating

14-Mar-2019 17:25

A man and a woman are believed to come together as a husband and wife primarily for spiritual reasons rather than sexual or material, although they may not be mentally aware of the fact.

Once married, the couple are expected to carry out their respective traditional duties as householders and upholders of family traditions and work for the material and spiritual welfare of each other, the members of their family and also society.

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In the Hindu temple rituals, gods are married ritually to their divine consorts by the temple priests with all the fanfare once a year or every day.

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With all of the different religions, how can I know which one is correct? I am a Muslim, why should I consider becoming a Christian? I am a Buddhist, why should I consider becoming a Christian? I am a Jehovah's Witness, why should I consider becoming a Christian?

Marriage in Hinduism, therefore, is not just a mutual contract between two individuals or a relationship of convenience, but a social contract and moral expediency, in which the couple agree to live together and share their lives, doing their respective duties, to keep the divine order (rta) and the institution of family intact.

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