Diverged assimilation converging and accommodating completely adult online dating

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Communication accommodation theory is influenced by social psychology and is guided by four major assumptions Application The communication accommodation theory is applicable in various communication processes.

In an organisation the communication accommodation can be used to communicate effectively among the employees as well as they adapt while communicating to a senior employee.

There are two types of accommodation process explained in this theory The two processes usually are dependent on the characteristics of the interactant.Piaget viewed equilibration as the major force tying these together.As children mature biologically and interact with people and objects, they must respond to even simple environmental stimuli, acting on these mentally and physically to understand their encounters in the world.For example, the first time a child uses a computer, a very simple scheme is constructed consisting of rudimentary rules—touching keys makes marks on the screen.

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After time and practice, the child’s computing structure accommodates word processing, e-mail, Web searches, and so forth.

Example Mike was a new employee in a certain organisation.