Dirty chat without having to pay for membership

05-May-2019 16:49

So it is set up in a way that things happen without subscribers knowledge to keep them interested and keep the subscription longer.It might be good for people who are looking for short term relationship but it’s definitely a game for people who trust the dating site and look for longer and serious relationship. I am very unhappy and mad with the way they manipulate people and play dirty tricks.I received a lot of messages but the people that did meet what I was looking for always lived at the least 150 miles away and for me it is not ideal to date someone that far away. Before I "subscribed" I received several comments and offers to chat. Upon calling the 888 939-66765 number to claim a full refund I was told they didn't like my story and pictures.There are many men that have not verified their photos - to me this means they are not real and raises the question did Zoosk create profiles just to add to their pool of people. In my story I mentioned Al Grierson, the late folk singer and Daniel Sheehan the eminent Constitutional attorney, as some of my interests.SHAME ON ANYONE WHO THINK THIS KIND OF CENSORSHIP IS APPROPRIATE FOR A DATING SITE or any site.And I have to wonder who owns these dating sites and dictates such abusive censorship. Do not cooperate if you care about freedom of speech and freedom to communicate in our public arenas.As a woman I never make the first move and never volunteer to speak to guys unless they talk to me.During these months I also noticed that many of the guys view my profile multiple times a day but never talked to me.

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The representative confirmed that when subscribers see someone’s picture on the screen or even when they scroll through the pictures, it shows to the other side as “Viewed your profile”.

So I chalked it up to possible cold feet, change of heart, etc... But what's solidifying my accusation is that I say hello to people that are actually online and respond immediately and still now reply back. I got a message from a lady recently who I had contacted a few times saying, "What's up..." and when I replied to her she said that she didn't send that message. I could not figure out how to not have one." It came all as 1 message, so didn't even seem as if she wrote any of it. Zoosk sends you messages like a real person is looking to meet, just to get you to spend more money to see that person. And the response was a computer generated response saying, "I see. So, I visited their site and opened the account on my i Pad.