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You laugh out loud as they perform their own disaffected loserhood, making goofy faces as they belly-flop off the high-dive. Sum 41's dirty jokes ("In Too Deep" is clean, but their debut album featured the song "Grab The Devil By The Horns and *** Him Up The ***), chugging stadium riffs, Beastie Boy-lite rapping and snotty teen nihilism first hooked American teens on their breakout album, 2001's Currently, pop-punk, scene and emo are experiencing a revival, after spending nearly a decade as critics' punching bag.The perfect form of their competitors, toned and Speedo-clad jocks, signals soulless conformity and unutterable lameness. A new era, nicknamed #20ninescene, has emerged as journalists and listeners have begun to appreciate how pop-punk bands provided early community around then-taboo issues like suicide, and also cathartic and mostly harmless — if crude — fun.Lyrics are not always obvious, so sometimes it's our own fault that people just glossed over it and assumed we didn't have anything to say.Even when you tell them you're saying something, they don't hear it.We came up in a scene of bands talking about those topics, I don't know if we ever did. But from our second record, , the first single off that record was "Still Waiting," a song about the Iraq War and George Bush.Our second single off that record was "The Hell Song" which is about a friend of ours who found out they had HIV.

He was was 34 when he very publicly hit rock bottom with alcohol, and 36 when he recorded his first album sober, was inspired by Whibley's horror at watching the global conservative red tide from his hotel rooms on tour.It's not as if Sum 41 or pop-punk as a genre is apolitical.