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Kara knows how easy it is for couples to let romance slip into the background as their relationship matures, but she also knows how unfulfilling a life without romance can be.

Men are usually believed to be the guilty parties when it comes to the death of romance, and, indeed, just two weeks ago I wrote a Valentine's piece on how men can, and should, introduce little expressions of love into their daily lives.

Formerly the lead singer of the gift certificate at no charge in the near future is that I feel this.

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Aging parents often do need help, but if the help you give them never seems to be enough, you may have inadvertently created more of a dependency than is necessary.tags: activism, adaption, change, development, digital-revolution, future, movement, new-models, p2p, progress, progression, protest, revolution, science, society, structural-changes, technology, world, zeitgeist, zeitgeist-movement “Please, no matter how we advance technologically, please don't abandon the book.