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30-Jun-2019 07:20

If buyers haven’t heard of your product or talked to someone who has used your product, they won’t feel comfortable giving you their contact info or answering a cold call.

How to get their digits: Don’t be an unknown to your prospects.

Buyers (and daters) are more empowered by choice and technology—which makes them more skeptical (and picky) than ever before.

Over two-thirds of buyers wait longer to contact vendors than they did a few years ago because they’re doing more of their own research. It doesn’t matter what your reps or marketing messages say; prospects don’t trust them.

Before you can build the referral program of your dreams, you need to find the right technology.

Jane Manchun Wong, an app researcher, discovered features of a Facebook dating app and posted screen shots on Twitter. I can't go past the signup screen because they are not activating all non-employee Dating profiles because, well, it's "pre-launch" ;) X — Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) August 3, 2018.The others have delighted me by disappearing from my life all together. I've also heard that only a person of Sicilian heritage can perform this "curse," if you will.