Dating vintage fender pots

09-Apr-2019 13:56

Whether it is an original model or a vintage (also the old logos are used again) depends on your own estimation of the age of the guitar. The original logo, also called "spaghetti logo", the transition logo and the CBS era logo.The spaghetti logo was used in the 1950s and is so named for its thin silver-colored letter with a thin black line.Most specifications for the Fender guitars are hardly changed.Although there have been periods in which major changes occurred as the acquisition of Fender by CBS, and the transition from CBS Fender to the current owner (Fender Musical Instruments Corporation), most models are in general not changed.

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Fender then switched to a serial numbering on the neck plate for all models. Although Fender had already switched in 1954 serialized for all models on the neck plate, is the serial number at some Precison's still affixed to the bridge plate.

Example: PAT, 2,573,254 2,968,204 3,143,028 2,976,704 2,573,254 for pickup and bridge combination.

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