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The huge plaza has been the site of many political protests, the most famous being the Orange Revolution of 2004.

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Today, Shcholkine is an increasingly popular tourist destination. From mainland Ukraine, the Crimean Peninsula extends southward, bordered on the west by the Black Sea and on the east by the Sea of Azov.Stretching across the peninsula is a network of shallow, marshy inlets sprawling over roughly 2,600 sq km (1,000 sq mi).This network of lagoons is known as Syvash (also Sivash or Sivas).Its opera company has acquired an international reputation.

A view of Maidan Nezalezhnosty (Independence Square) in the center of Kyiv.Green and brown fields show intensive agricultural activity in the area, and salt ponds are visible at the west end of the shallow Lake Aktashskoye at image center.