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In this age of online and mobile dating, where the next date may be literally feet away, people are treating dates as they would a tissue or a contact lens — disposable after one use.Urban Dictionary defines the term one and done as the act of sleeping with someone once before ending the relationship.Lindsey Robinson Sanchez, from Bessemer, Ala., has written for the "Troy Messenger," "The Alabama Baptist" and "The Gainesville Times," where her work was featured on the AP wire.She has a Bachelor of Science in journalism from the University of Florida.After three months of dating, which is about enough time for the honeymoon period to wear off and people’s true colors to start shining through, people usually decide whether to continue or to break up.

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Breaking physical connections leads to emotional independence, and the act of separation itself helps you realize that you have some control over your state of limerence.

Explaining your feelings to someone besides the object of your limerence helps you put them into perspective and feel less emotionally isolated.

There may be times when the intensity of your limerence feels overwhelming, and having a support group to bear your feelings will lessen the pressure on you.

The crux of limerence is that it is unrequited, and if you learn to value your own strengths, you'll be less likely to develop an emotional attachment to someone who doesn't recognize and admire those strengths.

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Talk about your limerence with supportive friends and/or family.In sports, when someone isn’t performing as well as they should, they make a mistake, or they get hurt, they’re taken out of the game and told to sit on the bench. So you pull them out of your normal dating/texting rotation, sit them on the bench, and see what your other prospects are up to.