Dating tips for 20 somethings

23-Aug-2019 15:04

And on top of that, you could be plopped into a new city and met with the slightly terrifying prospect of making new friends.

When laid out like that, your 20s sound like a fragile and tumultuous time.

I dropped the motorcycle, failed to secure my bags safely, and constantly got lost.

But I never regretted going on the road, and I am certain that I would have regretted turning back. Most of the time the reason for the regret isn’t failing at things they’ve tried, but rather holding back and refraining from trying in the first place.

Even as we seem more interconnected (with our smartphones tethered to us at all times), there’s a growing epidemic of social isolation.

As more people move to cities, the sense of community that was once present in small towns gets lost.

On the outside, I seemed confident about these decisions, but it was actually the most confusing time of my life.

Part of adulthood is understanding the importance of finding peace with your current situation.

It took me until I was 40 years old, riding solo across the country on my motorcycle, to really find my inner peace. anthem (and yes, I know, if you’re a 20-something, this came out when you were still in diapers) croons, “Everybody hurts—sometimes.” But social norms mandate that we keep these feelings to ourselves.

Some people know what they want to do straight out of school, while others are clueless.

If you’re one of the latter, a lot of people close to you will be pressuring you to work out what you want to do right this second.

This uncertainty leads to a natural sense of confusion and to a lack of confidence.