Dating superstitions

22-Mar-2019 22:52

Therefore, it’s bad luck for a living person to step on the threshold.Mirrors are the foundation for a number of superstitions all around the globe.

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The superstition also states that eating slippery food like seaweed soup has the opposite effect, and will cause a student to ‘slip’ down the exam result ratings.

Sleeping in a closed room with a fan on will kill you: This is a fairly common superstition in South Korea, dating back to the ’20s and ’30s. If you have to re-enter a friend’s home to pick up something you forgot, you must look in the mirror before you leave again. Forgetting things is bad luck; looking in the mirror helps reduce the bad luck. We’ve all heard of black cats bringing bad luck, but this belief about calicos comes from Normandy, France. Some buildings are built without a fourth floor, license plates often omit the number, and many Chinese people simply will not accept a phone number with the number four in it. Cutting your fingernails on a Saturday will bring bad luck, according to some in India. Cutting your fingernails at night is bad luck, according to the Japanese. This one is apparently common to several different cultures. And just because the Google gods have showered your English-language site with lots of organic traffic, that doesn’t mean that the foreign language versions will be equally blessed.