Dating someone with religious differences

20-Jun-2019 17:56

Which brings up a bigger point: let’s stop obsessing about WHY people do things. It could be any number of reasons — she’s getting over her ex, you have bad breath, she didn’t feel that spark, you talked too much about yourself, she’s seeing three other guys.The truth is, we’ll never know people’s motivations for acting. And since you’re never going to get into her head, why drive yourself nuts about it?

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These are all arbitrary deal-breakers, which often serve to keep these people alone for a really long time.

Dear Sandra, My girlfriend is Catholic and I’m Jewish.

I don’t take her to synagogue, she doesn’t take me to church.

I’ve got clients who want someone who can dance, because dancing is important.

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I’ve got clients who have to find a dog-lover, because their pets are like children.It doesn’t matter if he fell out of love, is making an excuse, or really resents that you’ve got no desire to start tithing your income.

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