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23-Aug-2019 18:10

Cara Santa Maria: But over time, they came to see the relationship differently. I could only imagine that a cost-benefit could've been something like, "Let's draw a line down the middle of the page and pros on one side, cons on the other, and let's see how they balance." Cara Santa Maria: What she was really asking for was a reason to stay or a reason to go, but Rashied worked for NASA, not Ok Cupid.

Rashied Amini: I was getting ready to propose actually. Rashied Amini: For me, as the systems engineer, it goes back to first principles.

Rashied Amini: I'm someone who's always just had this academic interest whether it's in romance or psychology.

Cara Santa Maria: So he used that approach to try and save his relationship.

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I'm Cara Santa Maria, and in this episode, we go looking for the algorithm of love.In various long-term relationships, single for a while, so I've had a good set of experiences.Cara Santa Maria: His career was going pretty well too. In every romantic relationship, there is a moment that you ask yourself, “Is it worth it?

” Well, Rashied Amini, a NASA engineer with a broken heart, has the answer.

Rashied Amini: These are economic models that I'm using but in the context of human decision-making.