Dating shy insecure guy ayr dating

18-Jul-2019 18:13

Women are naturally attracted to the emotional strength in men, not the weakness.If you want to flow with nature, you need to be emotionally strong as a man, rather than expecting women to take pity on you even though you are shy and insecure.Although he went out most weekends, he rarely spoke to any women because he was afraid of being rejected.One night, a drunk woman chose to approach him and say hi.It’s pretty much the most common story I come across; especially for guys who are looking to get an ex girlfriend back. Most guys fumble their way into relationships without any real knowledge or awareness of how to attract and seduce women properly.So, rather than attracting women by choice, they rely on getting lucky and hope that everything just works out. In the past, a woman had to remain a virgin, get married and then stick with her man for life.At work, would a shy guy be able to get promoted like a confident guy would and if he couldn’t, would that mean that he’d find it harder to survive, thrive and prosper in this world?Watch this video to understand how a woman’s attraction for a man really works…

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The thing is, women rarely, if ever approach men, but this particular woman had just been dumped by her boyfriend (a confident guy that could have pretty much any woman he wanted), so she felt drawn to Sam’s shyness and vulnerability.

She used his begging and pleading to feel even better about herself and broke up with him and never looked back.