Dating scams and promises from ghana

10-Sep-2019 03:57

These callers can request that you send money anywhere in the world.

If you cannot verify with your family member (calling their number you had before this call, not the "new number" the caller gives you) that they are requesting money and aren't sure about the transaction, do not send the money. Did you receive a letter or e-mail about getting a loan?

Any monies received by a stranger cannot be recovered and unfortunately you will not get your money refunded back to you. Buying a vehicle Have you found a great vehicle online or in an advertisement with a price too good to be true?

Have you found something online that interests you - a puppy, a car, an apartment for rent or any item for sale? They may even send you a letter or e-mail of authentication telling you that you have purchased the item but need to wire funds first. Are you being asked to send the down payment through a Money Gram money transfer? Do not send money for the vehicle to the seller or a payments representative.

Are they in despair because they have been detained? Are they asking for money to pay fines or for car repair?

Did a relative call because they need money for a family member in medical need or for medicine? Use precaution when sending money in any of these situations.

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Have you received a phone call from a person claiming to be from a government agency asking for money to cover "back debts" owed to the IRS? area code or misleading information on caller ID, rest assured that any "government employee" contacting you and asking for money upfront is a scammer.

There are many legitimate ways to provide support to help people impacted by floods, earthquakes, fires, other natural disasters or even man-made disasters.

If you're eager to make a donation, give in a way that you have donated before or through a trusted organization or business where you fully understand how the funds are being collected and used.

If so, the check/money order is counterfeit and your bank will make you cover the loss.

Be aware that counterfeit checks are very hard to identify. Did you meet someone through a personal ad, e-mail, chat room or an instant message?You may have been promised a percentage of the check for employment or because of an over payment. Did they ask you to send them money for travel or to help them financially? Any money received by this person cannot be recovered and you will be at loss for any money sent Have you found something for sale in the classifieds or any type of newspaper ad?