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17-Jul-2019 13:38

Instead, “love” feels like a word I need to protect — in part because I believe it’s more than a feeling; it’s a choice that needs to be made consistently.

When I think of the last few guys I’ve dated, the consistency wasn’t always there.

Yet, it is very important to go about saying ‘I love you’ for the first time with thoughtfulness and care.

At Elite Singles, we are here to help facilitate the feeling of falling in love for as many people as possible.

What’s more is that doing so could have the potential to make you appear overly impulsive or less stable emotionally.

With all this being said, don’t be afraid to follow your gut.

Abiding by common social conventions or letting what others are doing dictate your actions can take away from your ability to communicate authentically.

While passions may be high, it’s always important to remain patient and accepting of each other by allowing each individual to move at their own pace.

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In reality, knowing when to say ‘I love you,’ is usually a mix of timing as well as circumstance.In a healthy relationship, your partner will not make you feel pressured to say things you don’t yet mean.