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26-Mar-2019 06:57

“It’s sort of like the Wild West out there,” says Alex Manley, dating and sex editor at Ask

“If you think you know the rules, some new app will come along and reinvent the rule book.” Here’s how to play the game now.

If she seems like she had a good time too, go ahead and set up the second date when the timing feels right.

Honestly, it’s that simple and the fact that you appear confident enough to go for it will be appreciated.

Somewhere along the way you’ll end up talking about a shared interest or somewhere you’d like to check out.

It really is as simple as suggesting a day to go do it.

Don’t go declaring your love for her after the first date or showering her with compliments.

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If you struggle to project positivity too, I’d recommend taking the time to work on that. 3) but there’s no magical amount of time for you to wait.You weren’t meant to call her earlier than three days after your first date or you’d appear desperate.These days we tend to laugh at such an arbitrary rule and yet modern advice is to wait at least 24 hours. What you say is far more important than when you say it.Just like my previous point, if you notice this start to happen, try to go easy on the conversation for a while and see if things improve.

If you both have the right sense of humor you can bring some attention to this mismatch with a joke but tread lightly.On many occasions, I’ve had women message me before I’ve even made it home. 30 seconds later I had an excited reply and we went on a date the following night.