Dating rickenbacker bass

06-Sep-2019 04:17

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Most of the 4003S/S/8 basses had the 2 extra screws in the heel of the tailpiece from when they were introduced until they were discontinued.

The higher tension of Rotosound strings produced a forward bow in most of the necks.By the late-90s I was fortunate to be able to get a Rickenbacker 360 (see here),.It's a Rickenbacker 730S Shiloh, dating from November 2000;.The 4004 basses have the same basic body style as the 4001/4003, but with super contoured edges and a modern look.

The serial number is generally located on the jackplate of a Rick.check also neckplate on bolt-on models or bridgeplate. Rickenbacker 381/12V69 Fireglo Check out this brand new Rickenbacker.

One with a missing truss rod cover might be real/ The bass model that has generally been copied is the 4001.