Dating pregnancy irregular periods

19-Jun-2019 20:40

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Sorry about deleting the last post, but I noticed an error. So if an ultrasound says a fetus is 8 weeks old for instance, the pregnancy is really 10 weeks along since it's measured by mother's LMP, not conception. It could be nearly 2 weeks off if implantation isn't considered. Would they just take the age of the fetus from an ultrasound and add 2 weeks?You can think of fetal age as really like egg age, since those first two weeks happen before any sperm comes into contact with the egg while the egg travels down the Fallopian tube.But that tells you how old the fetus is, not how far along in the pregnancy you are, since you're considered pregnant 2 weeks before conception.Please enable cookies on your browser and try again. The age at the ultrasound includes the two weeks so whatever date they get from the ultrasound is what they will go off. But what if a woman hasn't had a period for two months before discovering she was pregnant?

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And really, it doesn't matter I understand what you are asking but have the same answer.I think this is part of the reason that a dating ultrasound is pretty standard these days.