Dating panamanian men

30-May-2019 11:51

Since 1995, the smooth Panama-born slinger has been as synonymous with the New York Yankees as any other man to wear the pinstripes.

For two decades, Rivera was one of the most feared closers in Major League Baseball.

They are confident, unabashed, passionate, protective, and have the ability to sweep a woman off of her feet. He has rhythm and coordination and dance is a big part of his culture.

They have a fairly laid back way of life and this culture is a real escape from the Western "work comes before life" mentality. Family is the most important value to Panamanian men and they always try their best to take care of their relatives.

Yet his off-field reputation is just as remarkable.

A well-known philanthropist, his Mariano Rivera Foundation is highly regarded for its contributions to various efforts throughout Panama and for its involvement in the Christian community.

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Most important is that you are clean with your body and clothing.

In an industry obsessed with numbers Rivera delivered.