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There are a lot of people working on the restaurants without papers and they are usually from the South America or from Eastern Europe.

Other than those, there are also girls from Scandinavia and they are usually working on gambling industry on online casinos are related companies.

You just need to remember that you may need to use some time on chatting before the girl is willing to meet you face to face.

The chances of picking up girls in Malta during the daytime are fairly decent.

Finnish and Swedish girls are usually the naughtiest ones and willing to have sexy one night stands.

You cannot really say how the typical girl in Malta looks like cause there's so many tourists and expatriates living on the island.

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Following a hilarious misunderstanding about cured meat, I found myself faced with an unsolicited (and rather unimpressive) naked selfie, after which I pulled the plug with a respectfully swift ‘I was on Tinder with a friend of mine when we stumbled upon an unusual personal description: ‘Always make sure the juice is worth the squeeze’.

Swimming to the bait, my friend and I embarked on the usual boredom-induced piss take. ‘I was chatting up two girls on Tinder, being quite interested in the both of them.