Dating old spice mugs

03-Jun-2019 23:46

Prices for these more recent vintage mugs are much lower compared to the previous time frame.

In reality, the rash was not a result of soap but of un-sterilized razors.

A vibrant color generally means a vibrant taste, so if your spice has lost its vibrant color (or changed colors) then it has most likely also lost its flavor.

If your spice started out green, chances are it will turn yellow or brown as the essential oils in the spice evaporate.

There are actually two time frames involved with occupational shaving mugs.

They were also used to commemorate events like the completion of a church, school, or town hall.

For this reason, it is not good to shake your spice over your pot of steaming stew - instead shake it into a cup or use a dry spoon to retrieve your spice from the jar.

Probably the most famous example is the Old Spice “sailing ship” mug (which has many variations depending on production run and date).