Dating of new testament

08-Aug-2019 06:27

From this fragment we know that already in the first half of the second century there were Christians along the Nile and these Christians were reading the very same words of God that we read today.” Martin Bodmer, who began amassing his collection of the world’s best books and early writings at the age of 16, died in 1971.

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Scholars are able to assess the importance of a manuscript by how much of the Bible it includes, and by the date assigned to it.“P47” contains the oldest known text of the Book of Revelation.Located in the British Library in London, this early-5th century Greek manuscript contains almost the entire Bible.Chester Beatty in the 1930s from a dealer in Egypt.

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Also known as “P45,” “P46,” and “P47,” they are housed in Beatty’s gift to the world: the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin, Ireland.This papyrus fragment, also known as “P52,” is encased within a climate-controlled cabinet located inside the John Rylands Library of Manchester, England.