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WFP is also working with trained its contracted call-centre (based in Tunis) on Post Distribution Monitoring (PDM), it is currently conducting PDM calls through them, covering distribution locations throughout the East, West and South of the country.• WFP’s Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping (VAM) continues to collect data on the general population, including migrants, and monitors overall market trends.For our large grafts, meniscal and fresh osteochondral allografts, MTF Biologics graft matching provides orthopedic surgeons with the best anatomically-matched allograft tissue for their patients, eliminating extensive modifications during transplantation and saving valuable surgical time.

Using the high-resolution mass spectrometer CELIAS/MTOF on board SOHO we have measured the solar wind isotope abundance ratios of Si, Ne, and Mg and their variations in different solar wind regimes with bulk velocities ranging from 330 km/s to 650 km/s.

• WFP has taken a lead role in the emergency response of the current crisis - the intensification of clashes in Tripoli, both on an agency level and as leading agency for several Sectors.