Dating mexican man expect

30-Aug-2019 13:51

There is just something creepy about the whole thing.

I have known some really great Mexican families ( not Mexican american) and they as a family are very humble, kind and in no form aggressive. Often men from other countries do this to get their green card, and often when you marry them they will soon bring their family here. Anytime someone comes on real strong, and is already talking of marriage and what not, is a BIG RED FLAG.

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They walk on my left as a matter of courtesy, are usually as sweet as can be, and always very respectful of the word "no".

I accept the occasional grocery bag carrying offer from my local gallant knights.

Western men were forced away from their chivalrous tendencies with the birth of the extreme feminist movement.

Suddenly it was no longer safe or politically correct to be gentlemen.

He is very physical, hugging, kissing on cheek but has not tried to touch where he should not. Are there any American woman who can tell me if they have married a Mexican man and he did not become horriable? As others have said though, you have to be cautious about a guy who comes on so strong promising marriage. You can get that with many Mediterranean and Middle Eastern men as well. White Americans are to a large extent of Northwest European descent, and such people tend to be more introverted and cautious.

Not to generalize, but the guys that I hang out who are Mexican are very aggressive when pursuing women. I laugh at the things they say many times, promising unyielding love and devotion just to get the woman to bed....later that same day. Not making a statement about all Mexican men, just the few that I know.

I agree with the other posters, there are good and bad in every race.. I know because I have dated men from other countries and had friends that did the same. These types of people often are controlling, and are very insecure.

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