Dating metamorphic rocks

15-Apr-2019 15:20

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Moon rock samples collected during the Apollo missions have been dated to about 4.5 billion years, besting our oldest terrestrial rocks by a few hundred million years. Email it to Life's Little Mysteries and we'll try to answer it.

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Geologists categorize rocks into three basic types, depending on their origin.

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Using estimates of measurement precision, the crucial question of whether or not scatter outside of measurement error exists is addressed.The oldest rocks on Earth can be very difficult to find and verify, but the youngest rocks are easy to locate: look for the nearest active volcano.The oldest whole rocks found so far date back about 4.28 billion years.Dissolved strontium in the oceans today has a value of 0.709 that is dependent on the relative input from the continents and the ridges.

In the geologic past, changes in the activity of these two sources produced varying Sr ratios over time.Sedimentary rocks, such as sandstone, are created by the compression of sediment or particles.

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