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06-May-2019 00:21

I also think he is not trying very hard and wants to be very nice to her in letting her know how he will leave.

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Check it no more than once a month with a trusted friend and a glass of wine at hand –you need to keep anything that comes in to document in case things escalate, but it will be better if you control how and when you engage. If she has accounts that you can easily find, preemptively block them without interacting — if she hasn’t found yours before now, to her it will look like you’ve never existed. 5) Get yourself tested for STIs if you haven’t in a while, since she might not be the only one nursing a nasty surprise from a guy who had so many things going on he had to keep a roster. The dude put his wife at risk, kept NOTES (I’m really never letting that one go – journals are one thing, making your exploits identifiable and findable to others is quite another) and he is really the one who put all of you in this crappy situation.

It’s been a few days and no more emails but I’m wary about my windows being smashed or car tires slashed. I’m hoping she’s moved on to his other conquests and will leave me alone now.” wince when I look back at my 25th year upon the earth. Bad Idea Jeans wasn’t a total dumbass who keeps detailed notes of his extracurricular activities and then leaves them for other people to find. There is nothing either of you will gain from further engagement with one another.

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