Dating marriage in tanzania

05-May-2019 10:20

It offers a form of security for elderly women so they do not live on their own. Chacha says she decided to marry Buraya because she was unable to have children in her previous marriage to a man, who she says physically abused and tortured her.

To bear children, women who are married under nyumba ntobhu usually hire a man and pay him when the younger woman falls pregnant.

But nyumba ntobhu does not always save women from domestic violence. She experienced domestic violence and humiliation even from her nyumba ntobhu husband.“I was married to Nyambura, a 63-year-old woman.

She had paid a dowry of six cattle and I moved into her compound.

Bupe Matambalya says she witnessed her older sisters “beaten nearly dead” by their husbands and decided that she would never marry a man.

Some villagers discourage the practice, saying it leads to an increase in the spread of HIV.

Nyumba ntobhu is blessed by all the family members and accepted by the society,” says Chacha.

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The older woman is the guardian of the children and they usually take her surname.

It is 12.30pm and an older woman emerges from her tiny mud house. These two women are husband and wife: they are traditionally married and they have children.

This practice is called nyumba ntobhu in western Tanzania. The two women share a bed as a couple, they live together, bear children in their union; they do everything a married couple would, except have sex.

Take that young woman and place her into a culture that believes that the opinion of women is probably wrong and always to be ignored, and fireworks explode on the inside.

I have had to make a number of changes in the way I would normally go about my daily life.

In some cases, nyumba ntobhu can be a polygamous marriage.