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20-Mar-2019 14:05

And when things were supposed to go back to normal, they rarely did.

I'm glad I'm no longer in that relationship as it has, in part, turned me off from ever being with a man who has kids, especially if his ex is immature." "I'm polyamorous - my husband and I are childfree, but my boyfriend of four years has two children.

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She would often argue with their father, then refuse to pick up the kids when she was supposed to.One of them being: do not get involved with the kids until the relationship is very secure and serious. It's a weird, uncomfortable place to be because I was not able to say goodbye or explain anything.With my ex things didn't work out and I hadn't expected to get as attached as I did. I was virtually forced to disappear from this kid's life.Occasionally it got frustrating that we had to make our evening toddler-friendly. I found the lack of quality alone time, spontaneity, and stability to be too great to overcome.

After him I decided not to get involved with men with kids at all because I don't want kids, I don't even want step kids, and it would be easier to just not then to deal with the possible drama of a casual thing maybe developing into more... I resented that I would never be as much as a priority as I would like because almost every decision had to be run through the filter of ex wife and kids. Maternal nope." "I’d never dated anyone with kids until I met my current boyfriend.

I never thought our relationship would become as serious as it did in the first place.

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