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I ended a 4-year relationship with an ex because all 3 were in the same person and it just made me feel like Sisyphus. Comparing things like that can only lead to problems. There's a lot more important things to look for in a partner than raw intelligence. These traits aren't mutually exclusive, but if your partner has to be smarter...

My newest FWB isn't always the brightest bulb in the box, but he's a good person and has way more life experience than me. than you want to date someone who likes being with a dumber

t took 10 years, 14 psychiatrists, 17 medications and 9 diagnoses before someone finally realized that what Maya has is autism.

Maya loves numbers, and with her impeccable memory, she can rattle off these stats: that the very first psychiatrist she saw later lost his right to practice because he slept with his patients. 12 met with her for all of seven minutes and sent her out with no answers.

It's not as simple as having a lot of knowledge.

I've dated a couple of those guys, it gets boring.